Foundation Skills


As with any other skill, if you get the basics right, the more advanced stuff is easier to master. It would be silly to suggest that there is a “right” way of paddling a kayak because different styles suit different physiques. But there are definitely some pitfalls that it’s better to avoid. Unfortunate habits that form in the early stages can seriously inhibit development and undermine confidence. So let’s really nail those core techniques early on and build a sound foundation.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is in the early days of their kayaking experience. You will probably have already done at least a taster session or a beginners day trip already, probably with someone other than Seafreedom.

Group size: 1 ~ 4


  • Getting the seating, the foot rest and your posture tuned for best results

  • Effective and accurate turning

  • Maintaining direction and steering

  • Manoeuvring in tight spots, for example when landing or when coming alongside another kayak
  • Efficient paddling

  • Basic stability

How it works

We will find a sheltered spot with easy access to the water, but with some interesting coast nearby. It’s good if we can use somewhere shallow for parts of the program so that the coach can stand in the water beside you to guide you. We will put the skills into context and to reinforce the learning process by doing a bit of touring, paddling from point to point, finding suitable shorelines and conditions.


At least full day. There really is a good case for making it two days so that there is time to look at techniques in real detail and for the skills bed in.