Who are we?

Seafreedom is mostly me, Tony Hammock

I’ve been a paddler since the Beatles made the White Album and I got my first coaching qualification the year that Bill Clinton became president!

I topped out on qualification with Level 5 Coach status in 2012, but I still feel like every paddling day is a new experience and I feel very lucky to live and work in this world-class sea kayaking area.

As a level 5 coach and 5 Star leader, I can guide and coach pretty much any aspect of sea kayaking in anything from mirror like conditions to Force 5+ and strong tidal flows

I seem to have become a bit of a specialist in:

  • Building confidence
  • Sea kayak safety
  • Long term development
  • Moving seawater and tide-race paddling
  • Converting pool rolls to real rolls
  • Alaska!

Kag and Zoe are “Seafreedom Associates”. They are also highly qualified leaders and coaches. We have often worked together with clubs and events and paddle together for fun. But mostly we operate independently leading/coaching individuals and small groups.

Kag Gannon is a Level 2 coach and Sea Leader, working towards her advanced Sea Leader. She also has a degree in marine and coastal tourism and is especially knowledgeable about the marine environment. She loves introducing people to sea kayaking, multi day trips and showing people the environment she loves.

Zoe Newsam is a Level 3 coach with the Advanced Water Endorsement and she is also an Advanced Sea Leader. Very impressively, she has recently been selected for the Scottish surf kayak team! She’s very experienced and has actually paddled right round Scotland! Zoe is very much into long term development and advanced water training.

If you want to book with Kag or Zoe, or if I am not available for the dates you want, I will, with your permission, pass your enquiry onto them.