Different kayaks suit different people.

  • If a small person paddles a larger kayak, they will find it difficult to control in windy conditions.
  • If a taller, heavier person paddles a low volume kayak will find it unstable.

So we have a range of kayaks, far more than we ever use at one time, to suit almost everyone.
We use Northshore, Valley and Wilderness Systems kayaks, all chosen for their quality and handling


You need the right paddle to, both in terms of length and blade size
We have a range of both Werner and Lendal paddles


Clients can choose between bringing their own paddling kit or using ours. We have jackets, trousers, buoyancy aids, boots and spray decks to suit a range of size. But as much as possible and in all but the most benign weather, we like to give people “dry suits”. These are really surface immersions suits and they don’t really keep you 100% dry, but very close to it, even if you find yourself out of your kayak and in the water!