Are you booking for just yourself or for others?

Just you?

You can join and open course or book for 1:1 guiding and or coaching

Open trips and coaching
For any open trip or course the price is £95/day
Group size is normally 4 people maximum

For open expeditions* the price is £120/day

For 1:1, the price is £150/day

Booking for more than one?

The price depends on the number of people in your group.

Number of people Day trips and/or coaching Expeditions*
2 £95 £110
3 £85 £95
4 £75 £85
5 £65 £75
6 £66 £65

*“Expeditions” means we are camping overnight
Discounts are available for NHS Staff, Military and Veterans. There is also a “frequent paddler scheme” for long term clients. Please ask for details