About Seafreedomkayak

Seafreedomkayak is a mobile sea kayaking company based on Scotland’s West Coast near Oban. A friendly client-focused and highly skilled team of coaches and guides ensure your sea kayak experience is like no other.

couple sea kayaking

Our guides are very experienced and between us we are familiar with most of the Scottish coastline and islands. In particular we have been paddling around the Oban area for many years.

It’s unlikely that you will meet anyone who knows the coast better than us.


Tony on shore

This is my dream job. I get huge satisfaction from taking people kayaking. I love the smiles when they master a new technique, when they see the view, when the seal surfaces beside us, when the sunset silhouettes the islands.

It’s taken a long time to get to this point. I started paddling the year that the Beatles made Abbey Road! I had a long career in manufacturing management, using the kayaking as a pressure relief valve.

Tony with kayak

I competed at national level in slalom and white water racing and ran lots of hairy rivers. But sea kayaking has always been the great passion I started down the qualifications route in the late 80s, mostly using them as a volunteer, leading and coaching clubs.

Then in 2004, came the great leap into the unknown. Olga and I escaped from our careers, set up the Strumhor B&B and Seafreedomkayak. We launched the websites and wondered if anyone would turn up!

Ten years on and both have gone from strength to strength. I finally reached the top of the Sea Kayak coaching ladder in 2012, becoming a BCU/SCA Level 5 Sea kayak coach. There aren’t many of us.

I’ve paddled over 10,000 sea miles. In Alaska, Greenland, New Zealand, Japan, Norway and Canada. But my favorite place is, genuinely, Scotland. Please come kayaking with me and let me share my knowledge of paddling and of our wonderful coast and islands.