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Seafreedom is a partnership owned by Tony Hammock and Carol Lang.

All of the Seafreedom team live in Scotland, are freelance BCU/SCA qualified guides and coaches

We have all been paddling the Argyll coast for years

We do not employ "seasonal instructors"

As well as working for Seafreedom, we go kayaking together for fun and train together regularly

We share a love of the marine environment and a strong belief that it's clients' aspirations that matter most

The Seafreedom Team

Tony Hammock in Northshore Fuego.jpg (178051 bytes) Seafreedom was founded by Tony back in 2001. He is a British Canoe Union level 5 coach. He will tell you that there are better coaches, but BCU L5 is the top qualification. He has over 40 years kayaking experience in the UK, North America, Norway, Greenland and Japan. Tony coached as a club volunteer for 15 years whilst pursuing a career in manufacturing management. He turned professional and started Seafreedom in 2002 as a mobile operation and moved to the Oban area in 2004. He is passionate about enabling others to experience the sea and the joy of paddling. He's also notorious for really awful jokes. 

He occasionally still works as an international quality control and productivity consultant and as manufacturing improvement coach.

Carol Lang.jpg (191130 bytes) Carol Lang is a partner in Seafreedom kayak business. She is an outdoor education professional. She is a BCU Level 3 sea kayak coach and also a rock climbing instructor. She has paddled extensively in Scotland and the Mediterranean. Carol has been running Seafreedom programs since 2007 and is now working towards the top kayak guiding award. 

Carol also somehow finds time to run her own really cool ethical clothing business. Have a look at her website at www.gael8.co.uk She's really good at stories too.

Leonie in her sea kayak on the falls of Lora.jpg (109009 bytes) Leonie joined Seafreedom in 2010 and has been paddling in the area for many years. In 2011 she qualified to the new UKCC Level 2 coach award which is in many ways a superior coaching award to the old level 3 though in less demanding water. She never seems to be fazed by anything (including rolling in the falls of Lora) and has a knack of putting herself where she is most helpful to the clients. She can take you open canoeing as well.

On top of all this she is a talented artist and has her own ground-breaking kayak art business. Have a look at her website at www.artandsea.co.uk

Ali.jpg (248272 bytes) Alistair Magee is a multi skilled outdoor professional. He has mountains leadership and rock climbing qualifications as well as his Level 3 kayak coach and 4 Star leader certificates. "Ali" as he is generally known, has a knack of finding just the right coaching technique to suit individual clients and has developed an innovative kayak rolling program. Oddly though, he is the only sea kayak guide we know who is nervous of seals!
Jon Sanders.jpg (241478 bytes) Another outdoor all round professional, Jon Saunders is a Level 4 white water kayaking coach, working towards his L3 sea award. He is also a qualified mountain leader. An awesome WW paddler, Ice climber and Ski mountaineer, Jon loves outdoor challenges. He's also renowned for somehow finding places that do tea and cake just a short walk from the beach.
Laura Murphy.jpg (252223 bytes) A talented sea and river paddler, Laura Murphy is a Level 2 coach, has completed her Level 3 Sea training and is hoping to achieve her L3 coaching award soon. She has been leading kayak trips in the Oban area for four years and has extensive paddling experience both on rivers and sea. Outgoing and enthusiastic, Laura's sense of humour keeps us laughing even in heavy rain.


Ross Dempster.jpg (230751 bytes) Ross Dempster is also an all round outdoor professional. In addition to his Level 3 Sea Kayak and White Water coach qualifications he is also a Mountain Leader and Yacht skipper. Ross also works for the Venture Trust, working with challenging programs for young people. It's easy to tell if his is on the water because you can hear him laugh for miles! 
Olga Hammock.jpg (182793 bytes) Olga somehow manages to put up with being married to Tony whilst running an excellent 4 star B&B, cooking wonderful food and running the office. A teacher for many years, Olga also paddles, walks the hills and skis cross country. It will most likely be her voice you hear if you call during paddling time. And unlike the rest of us, she always knows where the car keys are!

Have a look at her paddler friendly B&B on www.strumhor.co.uk

Olga and Tony and Glacier w.jpg (56716 bytes)  

Tony and Olga on expedition in Greenland