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Tide Race Sea Kayak training and skills coaching
The coast of Argyll, especially the area near Oban, has plenty of fast moving sea water. Some of the most famous tide races can be found here. The Grey Dog, the Falls of Lora, Cuan Sound and the dreaded Corryvreckan, rightly evoke awe amongst sea kayak paddlers. There are currents  which can affect sea kayakers around many other headlands, at the entrances of sea lochs and between the islands. They can be a threat to your safety if you don't know how to deal with them, and great fun if you do.
We love to paddle them ourselves. Over the years we have amassed a wealth of knowledge about the tides and tide races in our area. Now we are offering tide race sea kayak training weekends so that others can share in the fun - safely. And it's a great way to develop your skills and confidence generally. We will individualize the coaching for you so that you go away a better paddler than you came.
The left hand video was taken on a Tide Race Paddling Course. The right hand video is from a Sea Kayak Wild Water Weekend

You can see more tide race paddling videos on our YouTube Channel. 

We offer programs at three levels. Please see below:
1. Introduction to Moving Sea Water
  • Aimed at the competent paddler - about BCU 3 Star or Stage 3 on our "How is your skill level" scale
  • Covers the paddling techniques, planning, navigation and safety aspects of touring in areas with quick tides (over 4 knots)
  • A reasonably reliable roll is an asset
  • Held on weekends with relatively gentle tides, but not neaps. Plenty of flow but not much white water
2. Tide Race Paddling
  • For adventurous paddlers - "Nearly" or established 4 star. Stage 4 on our scale
  • Refine your techniques and learn the tactics of playing on fast sea water (up to 10 knots)
  • There is no point in coming if you don't have a roll that works most of the time, though we can help you make it more reliable.
  • Held on weekends with around median tidal range. Powerful flow and plenty of white stuff.
3. Sea Kayak Wild Water Weekends
  • For very adventurous paddlers - You will be at least be an experienced 4 star leader or  aspirant/actual 5 Star.
  • If you haven't paddled grade 3 inland white water or above, you might do better to come on a Tide race course first
  • This program will seriously test your paddling. We will find and fix your weaker points.
  • Bomb-proof roll is essential
  • Held on weekends as close as possible to the biggest spring tides. Very powerful flow, lots of chunky white stuff and waves.
  • It's strenuous
Ratios: Our maximum client to coach ratio for these courses is 1:4. We are happy to run the course with only two clients. Maximum is 6 (Two coaches)

It depends on the weather, but normally we spend the Saturday at the Falls of Lora where we can be close to our base and your car. In this way we can have numerous breaks and review video feedback in comfort.

On the Sunday we have several options depending on the tides, weather and the groups' preferences - Another day on the falls of Lora, Cuan Sound or the Grey Dog.

Dates for Tide race weekends. Click here for 2012 dates.
Price. The prices are the same as our normal rates. You get 5 off per day if you bring your own kayak. or you can try one of our varied fleet.
If you would like to know more, please email tony@seafreedomkayak.co.uk or call 01631 710173 to talk it over.