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Sea kayak videos

Ok, perhaps these aren't top quality video footage, but perhaps they might give you an idea of what we get up to. The page goes down a long way and for technical reasons the newer stuff is at the bottom.


Paddling in big stuff. Four Star Pre-Assessment coaching

Don't worry, we don't do this with beginners. The clients were Lothian Sea kayak club during a Four Star coaching program. 

The conditions are out of four star remit but the clients enjoyed themselves and it helped to improve their confidence.


Afterwards we found some bumpy but less vertical water to practice rescues



Sea Kayak Technique

Sea kayaks are designed to go in straight lines, but we need to be able to turn them tightly so that we can rescue each other or avoid problems. 

Here, tony demonstrates a tight turn achieved through posture, strong edging of the kayak, and effective sweep strokes.

Sea kayak on the Falls of Lora

This is Seafreedom guide/coach Leonie Woolf running the Falls of Lora in her sea kayak. She makes it look easy, but the wide angle lens makes the waves look a lot less step than they really are. Notice how much she edges her kayak when making a turn.. 

Surviving in big stuff


This is Tony in the Falls of Lora on the huge tide on 29/09/2011. The idea is to break into the current (Its about 12 knots), turn and then ride down through the waves. But a minor error on the first wave resulted in the kayak turning too soon and flip over the wave. A quick roll pulled it back with a great ride to follow. Don't worry, we don't take beginners on this!

Reviewing the Northshore Ocean


Mike Nelson from Northshore lent us one of the new Ocean sea kayaks to try out. A very nice wave rider. Thanks Mike