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Club coaching weekends

 The Seafreedom Kayak portable symposium

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Seafreedom can enable your club to hold itís own sea kayak coaching weekend, wherever you want to have it. Rather like a "portable symposium".

We bring the coaching resource - you bring the people, up to 50. Coaches will be provided at a ratio of at least 1 to every 5 club attendees.

The way it works is this: The club decides the location, picks a weekend, decides number of people and chooses the coaching modules from the list below. We do the rest. And of course, we would be happy to suggest a venue.

Prices around £40/person/day depending on numbers and venue.

Coaching content.

Have a look at the table at the bottom of this page. The list is not exclusive, so if you can't see what you want. drop us an email and let us know  what you would like to include. Normally, we would provide a mixture of full day and half day sessions, but it's your choice.

Development for club coaches

Clubs are welcome to bring their own coaches too, so that they can work along side us.

Alternative disciplines

It's remarkable how experience of other padding disciplines can help you develop your skill. We have open canoes and white water boats and the qualifications to go with them. So try including something a bit different in the program and see how the new skills transfer to sea paddling.   

  For more ideas, further information and/or a quote, call Tony on:

01631 710173 or email tony@seafreedomkayak.co.uk

Offered in co-operation with our friends at Sea Kayak Scotland.


Coaching weekend modules - examples

Ĺ Day

Full day

Skill tuning for intermediates - feel more in control, for less effort


Efficient forward paddling - Learn how to eat those miles!    
Open water rolling. Maybe it works in the pool, now to make it work when it counts    
Rough water handling. Can you put your kayak just where you need it - in the rough.    

Dealing with wind. Turning techniques for when it's blowing hard.

Towards 3 star  - Run through the syllabus, identify areas for development and  work on them.

BCU/SCA 3 star assessment


Towards 4 star - Run through the syllabus, identify areas for development and  work on them.


Dealing with incidents - Faster, slicker, safer. And epic avoidance


Yoga for paddlers - improve your flexibility and enjoy your paddling more


Sea Kayak Photography - Capture those images of your trip. Amaze your friends


Route planning for the west coast. Pitfalls and how to avoid them


Pure fun paddling, Daft stuff that will improve your confidence

Introducing moving water - A gentle introduction to dealing with eddy lines

Intermediate moving water - Fun and skills in a tide race


Open canoe skills for sea paddlers    
BCU/SCA 2 star training or assessment    
Anything you want that's legal!