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Seafreedom Kayak is proud to support the DecAid Monroe Mission

Whether or not you supported the war in Iraq or the conflict in Afghanistan, the men and women who served and continue to serve, do so on our behalf.

Those who have been injured deserve our help. The families deserve our support. Those who have given their lives deserve to be remembered

They all deserve our thanks and our respect.

Tom O'Connell, Ceri Green and Alex Robinson (below) are attempting to climb all of the Scottish Munros in 49 days to raise money for DecAid. 

All we did, was to help them paddle from the island of Mull to Lochaline on the Scottish mainland so that they could do their whole trip without using any motor vehicles.

We wish them and the rest of the team every success and good fortune in their mission

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Please visit the DecAid website and read more - and help them achieve their real mission - to raise money to help our heroes

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