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Seafreedom photo diary 2011

We don't attempt to log every sea kayak trip we do, but we will add to the diary from time to time to give you an idea of the sort of things we get up to. Most recent trips at the top, older ones at the bottom.

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March 26th - Sea kayaking trip Round Kerrera - Tony with Terry Joan and Victoria

26 03 11 Sea kayaking near Oban Kerrera.jpg (233381 bytes)  26 03 11 Sea kayaking near Oban Terry and some conglomerate.jpg (320269 bytes)  26 03 2011 Sea kayaking near Oban Victoria in her new boat.jpg (305539 bytes)

It was a bit flat. So we paddled or kayaks right round Kerrera from Ganavan beach. It was an ideal day to potter along very close in so that we could examine the fascinating geology. As we paddled the south end of the island we could see the progressive layers from sandstone, then slate, then conglomerate and finally basalt. It took ages! But we got a nice evening sky. Victoria tried out a P&H Cetus, loaned by Outside Edge Oban and liked it so much that she bought it!

March 13th - Loch Awe

13 03 2011 Kayaking on Loch Awe Richard.jpg (181261 bytes)  13 03 2011 Kayaking on Loch Awe Wendy Liz and Kristine.jpg (157991 bytes)  13 03 2011 Kayaking on Loch Richard and Susan.jpg (116911 bytes)  13 03 2011 Kayaking on Loch Awe. Richard passing St Conans Kirk.jpg (285813 bytes)

It was a bit fierce on the coast, so we launched near the Cruachan Power station on Loch Awe and paddled into a very cold force 3 to 4 north easterly wind to the head of the loch. It was a bit grim on the way up but very nice on the way back. Kristine, Liz, Wendy, Susan and Richard were impressively intrepid and actually seemed to enjoy it!

February 6th - BCU 3 Star test - Easdale

Ed edging to turn his sea kayak.jpg (199987 bytes)   3 star sea kayak test conditions.jpg (229612 bytes)

Ed wanted to do his 3 star sea kayak test. We found perfect test conditions at Easdale on Seil, but boy it was cold! He passed.

January 14th and 27th

Open Canoe training River Orchy Loch Awe.jpg (190316 bytes)   Awe Ice.jpg (250627 bytes)

Open Canoes at Kilmoronaig on Etive.JPG (768574 bytes)

Leonie is doing her Level 2 Coach training this year and she needs Open Canoe experience, so we went and had some fun on Loch Awe and Loch Etive. The ice was 200mm thick on parts of loch Awe.

Images by Seafreedom