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Flexible coaching and touring programs with Seafreedom Kayak

For safe and enjoyable kayaking, it is important to develop your confidence in step with your skills.

Seafreedom's objective is to enable you to enjoy the trips that you want to do.

Individualized Coaching: People learn in different ways and at different rates. Our job is to find out how you learn and adjust our coaching technique to suit you

Group size matters: Although we are qualified to take more, we believe that we can deliver a more personal service by keeping our group size small. Normally, you will find yourself in a group of no more than four people. However, we happily take larger groups by arrangement. We are very happy to do 1:1 or 2:1 coaching.

Comfort or Challenge? We are not here to do "character building". If you want to be "pushed" then we can certainly do so. But the pace and the level of challenge are determined by the client, not by what we want to do or think you ought to do. If you want to cruise quietly in safe sheltered water, that's just fine by us. If you want to stretch yourself and paddle in the challenge zone, we will be very happy to take you there.

If you want to become an expert paddler, we will enthusiastically support your development. In particular, we can provide that expert coaching the fills the gap between the BCU 4 star training and the assessment. Several paddlers have recently passed their BCU 4 star assessments, in part due to the preparation training that they did with us.

 But if all you want to do is potter gently along, enjoying the scenery and "just be there" we will be just as enthusiastic, because we enjoy that too.

Sea kayaking in Argyll Mull in background w.jpg (61632 bytes)Using our detailed knowledge of the area, we select trips that give you experience of using your skills at the right level. We look after you all the way, passing on our knowledge as we go. As your skill, knowledge and confidence grow, we adjust the nature of the trip and the level of our support with the aim of expanding your comfort zone without exposing you to conditions that will damage your confidence.

Progressive Development: There is no fixed program of "what we do on each day" but we keep simple but accurate records for each client so that each time you come out with us, we can pick up your development again where we left off before.

So.... decide how many days you would like to paddle, get in touch with us and we will arrange something suitable for you.

Call us on 01631 710173 or email info@seafreedomkayak.co.uk

To get an idea of where you are in the spectrum of sea kayaking skill and knowledge and the sort of trips that can be done, please have a look at our self assessment page. Have a look at the stage descriptions and tell us where you think you fit into the spectrum. That will help us to make sure that we plan the right things for you and put you with other people who are at about the same stage of development.

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